Mercurial Links

Mercurial talks by aragost Trifork

  • ClearCase in the 21st Century: Flexible Development and Continuous Delivery with ClearCase UCM in combination with Jenkins CI and Mercurial. Joint talk between aragost Trifork and Praqma on 2012-02-03.
  • Joint talk between aragost Trifork and isonet on 2011-01-13. Download the slides by Martin Geisler and Gonzalo Casas .
  • Talk at the Zurich Python User Group, PyZH on 2010-06-29. Download the slides .
  • Talk at UBS, Zurich on 2010-04-27. Download the slides .
  • Mercurial Geek Night at Google, Zurich on 2010-03-24. See the video:
    Download the slides .


Clients / User Interfaces

  • TortoiseHg: Full-featured graphical frontend for Mercurial for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. TortoiseHg integrates with the Windows Explorer in the style of TortoiseSVN. It provides a graphical history browser, an interactive commit tool, and integration with the popular Mercurial Queues extension.
  • HgExplorer: a simpler client than TortoiseHg, but one that does not require administrator priviledges to install in Windows.
  • MacHg: Fast, multi-threaded graphical client for Mac OS X with a native look and feel.
  • MercurialEclipse: An excellent Eclipse plugin.

Installation and Download

  • Ubuntu Users: Installation instructions for Ubuntu and short command overview.
  • Official Downloads: Links to the newest release for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms.



  • Verteilte Versionskontrolle (DVCS) mit Mercurial: Excellent introduction by Mercurial.
  • Tips & Tricks: A big collection of small and useful tricks for solving common problems with Mercurial.
  • Mercurial: The Definitive Guide: A comprehensive book about Mercurial, published by O'Reilly. It can be read online for free, or a paper version can be ordered from Amazon. The book covers everything from the basics to advanced topics like extensions.
  • Tips & Tricks: Advanced tips and tricks for solving common problems with Mercurial.

Comparisons with Other Systems

Major Mercurial Supporters

  • Bitbucket: The oldest and largest Mercurial hosting site. Bitbucket gives you an unlimited number of public and private repositories when you sign up for free. Repositories come with a bug tracker, a wiki, and a download page. Bitbucket can be used for both proprietary code (private repositories) and open source code (public repositories).
  • Microsoft CodePlex
  • Google Code
  • SourceForge

Add-Ons / Plugins

  • Mercurial Extensions: If Mercurial does not already solve your problem, then look here for an extension that does. There are over 30 extensions included with Mercurial and the wiki lists some 75 other extensions.
  • Diff OpenOffice documents: Mercurial can be taught to show the differences between OpenOffice documents. It would normally just say that the binary file has changed, but with a little configuration, it can display a normal diff instead.